Following the groundbreaking speech of Nobel Prize Winner Helen Keller at an International Lions Convention testing the eyesight of learners and caring for them afterwards is the other core project of the Swakopmund Lions Club. We are proud of our tradition to annually doing eyetests of all first graders in Swakopmund. This is done under the leadership of 3 local optometrists.

These eye tests take place in all schools of our community in September every year amounting to a massive figure of around 1,000 tests. Those with sight problems are refered to one of the optometrists for further tests. If necessary they supply spectacles at a very low price, which is either covered by the parents of the learner or by the Lions Club Activity Fund for families in need of support.

Some 3 years ago our friends from Henties Bay Lions Club started to make use of our expertise. So since then another 150 tests are annually done in their community. We regard this project as very important, because only those who have the capacity to read clearly are able to learn properly preparing them for a career in their lives.