The Lions Senior Center comprises the Lions Old-Age Home, the Lions Frail Care Center and the Lions Retirement Village. This is our most important core project. It is run by the Swakopmund Lions Welfare Organization 13 under the leadership of a Board of Trustees, exclusively formed out of members of our club.


The idea of building an OLD-AGE HOME dates back to 1961. A plot of some 7 000m2 was acquired in 1965 and the first construction phase was finalized in 1967. At that time the following structures were completed:
  • 10 individual bungalows,
  • 1 bathing facility,
  • 1 caretaker's dwelling,
  • 1 garage and 2 housing units for employees.

In the course of time the Lions extended the old-age home in 15 stages. Today it comprises (on an area of 22 000m2): 100 individual bungalows of between 40m2 and 85m2 ,33 garages,dining hall, kitchen, laundry, library, and lounge rooms. It is very much a principle of the Swakopmund Lions to keep the residents independent as long as possible. Consequently all units are equipped with a kitchen respectively at least a kitchenette. Of course, all those preferring not to cook themselves are offered a full lunch in the dining hall of the Old-Age Home 6 times a week. On top of the kitchen facilities the average unit also consists of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with a toilet. Costs for the seniors are kept to a minimum, as on top of the work of the staff of 8 a lot of voluntary work and fundraising by Lion Members goes into the running of the complex.