In 1999 Swakopmund Lions Club erected the LIONS RETIREMENT VILLAGE with 28 luxury dwellings on a 10600 square meter erf. Residents can make full use of all other facilities of the Lions Senior Center like meals in the dining hall, light frail care service, transport to town etc. The two bedroom houses stand in a security complex, where two workers keep the outside of the houses and the beautiful gardens in shape. An added advantage is that one of the residents is looking after the wellbeing of the fellow residents as a caretaker.

The complex is managed by a committee formed by residents and representatives of the Lions Club. Financially they are independent from the other sectors of the Lions Senior Center. In contrast to the procedure of finding a place in the Lions Old-Age Home the residents of the Retirement Village have to buy a so-called usufruct of one of the houses whenever the Lions Club is asking for offers in local and national newspapers. Usufruct means that future residents with a minimum age of 60 years buy the life-long right to live in the house. When the usufruct has to be sold again the former residents or their heirs will receive the selling price minus a commission for the Lions Club.