In 1995 the idea to build a FRAIL-CARE CENTRE came up when the need for 24 hours watch for some seniors became evident. After several extentions the Frail Care Centre today comprises of 31 beds in single and double rooms. Not less than 18 staff members are looking after the patients. The financing of the first phase with 10 beds was enabled by international support from the Lions Organization. The International Foundation of Lions Clubs and the German Lions Club of Wittingen assisted by donating toward the cause.

While we do care affectionately for the 22 inhabitants of our Frail-Care Center, we should yet like to improve on their quality of life by rendering nursing services on a more individual basis and by exploring the individual needs and possibilities still further. We would thus be happy to welcome interested trainees, male or female, to help us caring for our senior citizens on these lines and keep them occupied - thereby also hopefully furthering the motivation and schooling of our staff. There is, regrettably, no possibility in Namibia to acquire know-how of this kind or to attend suitable training courses. That is why we and our patients would dearly like to profit from your expertise and earlier training.

Our interest is focused on persons undergoing practical training in Ergotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Gerontological Psychology. We offer free board and lodging to successful applicants. During your off-days you would have the opportunity, for instance, to undertake brief safaris into the desert with your hosts and become acquainted with our beautiful country. It is most probable, too, that there will be a chance now and then to spend a weekend on a Namibian farm. We can be contacted as per details given on the "Home" page.